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The best ecological cleaning detergents

Learn about the best cleaning products to keep your home free of germs and dirt, at all times. We share the best tricks to clean the bathroom, hardwood floors, floating floors, glass, mattresses, ovens and much more.

Best floor cleaners
Floor cleaners are essential for keeping floors radiant and dirt free. Its exclusive formulas and special active components allow for deep cleaning without damaging the materiality of the surface. Also, every surface is different, so it’s important to use the right products. Below we share the best Cif products for floors.

Glass cleaner
To keep your glass clean, try Cif Trigger Glass and Delicate Surface Cleaner, which provides an impeccable shine and leaves your glass free of streaks and water marks. This Cif Cleaner is specially formulated to leave a streak-free shine, all you have to do is spray and wipe. If you don’t want to spend years going over to get the streaks out, it’s hands down the best way to clean your windows.

mattress cleaner
One of the most important data to keep in mind when cleaning vomit, urine or other dirt from the mattress is that when it gets stained, it should be cleaned as quickly as possible so that the dirt does not stick to the fabrics. I followed these steps:

Mix equal parts warm water and spirit vinegar and put them in a spray bottle. Spray it on the stain to clean and disinfect the mattress. Another more efficient way is to add a tablespoon of Ala Liquid Soap to the mixture.

Pass a towel to dry and remove the stain. Repeat the process if necessary until the stain is gone.

Let dry at least 8 hours. Don’t put the sheets on and open the windows so it dries faster.

Iron cleaner
Accumulated dirt on your iron can end up sticking to your clothes, and to keep it working well for longer, you need to clean it regularly. Use Cif Gel 2 in 1, which quickly cleans the surface, leaving it shiny without the need to rinse and without leaving a residue.

The best kitchen cleaning products
The kitchen is the place that gives birth to incredible recipes and creations, but also, of not so incredible stains. Then I discovered what are the best cleaning products for your kitchen.

How to clean kitchen grease
To eradicate splashes and grease stains from the counter, sink, dishwasher, tiles and appliances, among others, we recommend the Cif Anti-Grease Trigger, which helps to quickly remove any stain; including burned fat. To use it:

Rotates the trigger tip from the OFF position to the ON position.

Apply the product directly on the surface to be cleaned and let it act for 5 minutes.

After the waiting time, wipe it with a soft cloth until it dries.

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