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We are a reliable and powerful cleaning agency that seeks to satisfy the urgent cleaning needs of your homes or offices

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You undoubtedly already have authentic top-quality cleaning equipment

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We are a friendly agency dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting homes, offices and moving services in all areas of Miami, Fl. Professional experts will help you with your needs.

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Definitely if you are looking for a friendly cleaning agency, that handles good and fair prices, look no further, you have just arrived at the exact website, ask about our excellent service packages

Flexible schedules in our cleaning services

In fact, our work schedules adapt to your stressful work day to give you surprising help with top-quality cleaning, so that when you get home it is a temple where you can relax and rest without any stress

Tecleam® the best revolutionary cleaning agency

We offer powerful and guaranteed cleaning plans at incredible times

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Tecleam® provides exclusive elite cleaning services with proven professionals and revolutionary cleaning methods that make your home a temple of health

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In our Blog you will find new news about cleaning your work or home area. We always publish amazing tips as well as research carried out by our work team

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At Tecleam® we offer various types of cleaning for homes or offices, we have integrated into our agency a stock of services that will keep your spaces impeccable

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In our company we have work schedules tailored to our clients, let us know the hours that are essential for you so that we can clean your spaces in the best way

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Let the professionals take care of the powerful cleaning of your home or office

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Nuestra empresa de limpieza está conectada con redes sociales y un sitio web para que puedas tener información precisa y amplia sobre nuestros servicios de limpieza élite y su gran equipo de trabajo.

Horarios cautivadores de limpieza y desinfección potentes brindados por nuestra gran agencia Tecleam®, trabajamos 24/7, siendo flexibles en el horario que nos requiera, en el área de Miami Fl estás cerca de mí

Nuestros exclusivos profesionales de limpieza cuentan con honestidad probada así como experiencia contrastada en su profesión para que nuestros clientes se sientan seguros y confiados de que su hogar u oficina está en buenas manos.

Nuestros procesos básicos de limpieza son los siguientes: 1. Preparamos el área de limpieza 2. Retiramos suciedad 3. Limpiamos 4. Enjuagamos 5. Desinfectamos 6.- Pasos Finales. Este proceso se detalla directamente al cliente para que pueda ver la gran seriedad y responsabilidad con la que tomamos nuestro trabajo de limpieza y desinfección.

No, Tecleam® uses genuine odorless cleaning products without strong chemicals that can cause damage to the health of your family or the environment. Before providing a service, we consult with our clients about possible product allergies

The costs vary according to the type of cleaning, it is good that you fill out the form with your order so that we can send you an estimate in less than 24 hours, we accommodate your budget since our prices are just the best in the Miami area

Yes, we offer cleaning services only in Miami Fl. To find out if we provide coverage where you live, you should send us the form in less than 24 hours. We will inform you if we can provide care in your area

The time that our incredible cleaning team takes to carry out a cleaning will depend on the type of cleaning you want, be it regular or deep, contact Tecleam® to give you exact information on the time it takes us to clean your home or office

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