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Your house should be a temple to health

Tecleam © professionals are trained and qualified to clean houses, the products we use are safe for the whole family, including children and pets, in our company the environment is also important for which we use recyclable components as non-harmful. We use chemicals managed by environmental control that do not cause harm to the community. Cleaning tips

Cleaning and disinfection of home interiors such as the dining room and kitchen

Our professional cleaning services include spaces such as bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and other spaces such as gyms or game rooms. In all the services we provide, there will be vacuuming of carpets, sweeping, we remove dust from surfaces such as vases, counters, decorated doors and counters, cobwebs in the corners, among others.

Our cleaning team has enough training and experience to leave your home as healthy as possible so that you can rest from your long work. Be part of our work family, enter the world of Tecleam © and you will have some advantages such as discounts, weekly, fortnightly or monthly disinfection supervision visits. Always remember that you are close to me as we are close to you in the care of your home since it is the temple of health for you and your family. In our company there is a motto that we always take to our distinguished clients.

¡Your house should be a temple to health¡

Detailed service

We do detailed cleanings so that your family is healthy and healthy

Family and cleaning

Tecleam © how important it is for our company is to take care of the health of the family as well as the health of the places we clean

Cleaning and disinfection service for places or pet areas


Pets occupy a very important place in our company, so we use liquids that do not cause any harmful effects.

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